Submission Materials Review

Craft a submission package that will hook an agent's attention

Are you ready to start pitching your novel to agents?

Query letters and synopses are often an author’s nightmare, and for good reason:

Condensing the most juicy bits of your novel to 200–400 words to capture the attention of an agent…

Then summarising the whole plot in a page or two…

Is tough to get right.

And so, so easy to get wrong.

So much so that authors say writing them is as hard (or harder!) than writing the novel itself. Some neglect their importance and dish out quick summaries. Others focus entirely on the details agents don’t want.

Agents are magpies on the hunt for literary gold. Specifically, they’re magpies strapped for time, rushing through piles of submissions.

Don’t let an underwhelming submission package risk your book’s opportunity for publication.

Get your submission package up to scratch.

"I'm blown away by his suggestions and ability to align my vision with the content of the query."

What it costs

Even if you don’t pay for synopsis editing, I strongly recommend you send it regardless of the service. This will give me a clearer view of the story and allow me to give more targeted feedback. It’ll turn ‘Taking a second to explain her motivation here would clarify her actions’ to ‘She [the specific reason for her choice and related events]. This would be great to include here to clarify her actions’. Having the synopsis at hand will also let me spot anything that deserves to be added into the query letter/blurb/pitch to make it stronger.

While my services aim to increase your chances of representation, I can't (nor can anyone) guarantee such an outcome. The quality of your manuscript will be the deciding factor. And even then, a myriad of reasons for rejection exist beyond anyone’s control and doesn't mean your story is 'bad'. I can only help you avoid common pitfalls and put your best foot forward.

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