Remove unwanted distractions to keep your reader glued to the page

You’ve crafted compelling scenes that captivate.

Your reader’s engrossed, oblivious to the passage of time. Gripped by the power of your words, they race through the pages.

Your story is hitting every. Single. Note. The tension of the scene is about to hit its peak and—

A typo jolts their attention from the story

Now they’re no longer immersed, but confused, stuck while they work out what that typo is meant to say.

It may only take them seconds to resume, but that carefully constructed emotional punch – the one you’ve worked so hard to build up to by timing revelations and fine-tuning story threads – is lost.

They’ll still enjoy your story, of course, but they’ll never experience that moment exactly as intended – a result you’ll want to avoid.

After all…

Your book’s been through developmental editing and come out reborn, stronger.

It’s been refined through copyediting, and your writing flows. It sings.

Let’s make all that work worth it.

I make sure your readers' eyes glide through the page.

As a CIEP-trained proofreader, I ensure style and accuracy issues don’t jolt your reader out of their immersion in your story.

You don’t want them focusing on typos, misspellings, or embarrassing word choices; you want their attention where it should be – your awe-inspiring world, your tantalising conflicts, your intriguing characters.

Letting me proofread your novel will...

What you get

"I feel excited to be able to send out polished and professional final drafts for future submission. Highly recommend!"

How it works

Step one

We'll have a chat about your book, and I'll answer any questions you may have.

Step two

I'll do a sample proofread of roughly 2000 words to see if I'm a good fit for your project and to produce an accurate quote. Preferably, the sample should be from the middle of your book and not polished before sending; this is so the sample is an honest reflection of the work.

Step three

All happy? Great! I'll send over the quote (including the deposit due) and the agreement.

Step four

Once I receive the deposit and the signed agreement, I'll block out the time in my diary ready for work! We'll go over style preferences beforehand.

What it costs

Below are indicative prices only, based upon a well-edited manuscript. A sample is required for me to provide an accurate quote.

My editorial decisions are guided by New Hart’s Rules or CMOS, depending on your favoured style guide, but they’re not bound by them. In writing, there are no real rules, just conventions based on majority usage. And while these conventions are best followed most of the time, rigidly sticking to them can hinder your fiction.

So I don’t do that; if, by breaking them, you nail a specific tone, rhythm, or effect, I won’t butcher it in favour of ‘correctness’.

There’s a time and place for breaking those rules, however. And doing so too often or in the wrong places can look sloppy, not stylistic. I make sure your rule breaking makes your readers go ‘Oooh’ and not ‘…Huh?’

Don't let all your hard work get diminished at the final moment.

Want to keep your readers immersed, not distracted?

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