Stories are important. They invite us to explore new worlds we haven't (and can't) go to otherwise. They ensnare us in their grasp and we root for their characters and become inspired by the themes and lessons found within. We laugh, cry, and whoop for joy. We feel tension, fear, and relief. And as a writer, you'd have felt all these and more throughout your own journey to bring your story into the world, way before your hungry audience gets to share journey you've crafted.

Having your book edited should motivate you, endowing you with the knowledge to improve your craft and hone your abilities. If you come away from an edit or a proofread feeling disheartened or put down, you've not had a good edit! That's why my approach is to support and collaborate, not judge or criticise. My comments are clear and precise, yet kind and to the point.

Have a look at my services below, and return once in a while – more ways to help you on your journey are on the horizon.

Manuscript evaluation

A guiding light

A manuscript evaluation should ideally be your first point of contact on your professional editing roadmap. There are no direct edits involved; this will be a springboard to help you leap in the right direction. This mini service will highlight the most prominent strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript based on a partial read through of the beginning, middle, and end. This service is for you if you've finished a first draft and are unsure what to do next.

A full proofread

The final step

Proofreading is the absolute final step in the editing process and should come after your manuscript has gone through developmental editing and copyediting. It ensures outstanding lingering spelling, typographical, and punctuation errors are erased and consistency is achieved. This service is for you if you've finished adding your final touches to your story and want to get it ready for publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How fast can you work?
As I currently work full time proofreading medicolegal reports, my turnover speed for proofreading isn't suited for urgent requests. For a 60,000 word manuscript, we're looking at a timeframe of around a month. For the manuscript evaluation, I can get it back to you under a week.
2Do you offer refunds?
For completed work? Unfortunately, no. If you wish to cancel after a project has begun, the deposit remains non-refundable. This is to make up for any financial loss I take due to blocking out the time slot to undertake working on your book. If the monetary value of work I've performed is higher than the deposit, then the extra will be included in the invoice. If, for any reason, I have to cancel the project (which is extremely rare and for emergencies only), then I'll refund the deposit and attempt to reschedule. However, if you're unable to wait (I won't hold that against you!), I'll happily try and refer you to a suitable editor to replace me.
3Do you offer sample proofreading?
Yes. In fact, I would be hesitant to start a project without one! A sample would help me produce an accurate quote and to provide you with a taster of what my proofread would entail. I politely ask that you send me a raw, unedited sample text that reflects the quality throughout your book. If, upon starting, I find the rest of the book is of a different standard to the sample sent, a renegotiation of the terms may be necessary if the estimated time of completion is affected.
4What genres do you work with?
Primarily fantasy (most subgenres), horror, and scifi (preferably on the softer end of the scale) for the manuscript evaluation. While I also prefer those same genres for proofreading, the nature of the work allows me to be a little more flexible. Get in touch with me and we can discuss your novel or story to see if we're a good fit.
5Can working with you guarantee publication?
Unfortunately, no. While I can polish your work and iron out errors, publication can't be guaranteed. Many factors impact on a book's success – both with traditional and self-publishing – that are beyond the control of any one person. Plenty of this comes down to luck; a publisher may love your book but recently published a similar story, or an agent/acquisition editor may not be a fan of your book's particular subgenre, which isn't a statement on the quality of your story!

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