Manuscript Evaluation

Tackle your story's biggest issues head on

Exhausted from your story revision lacking direction?

Know your story isn't ready for editing and you're stumped on how to get there?

Conflicting feedback from beta readers – while valuable – is pulling you every which way. And rather than having clarity, you’re left confused.

You’ve tinkered with scenes, reworked chapters, altered characters’ lines. Yet it doesn’t feel right – you’re worried your story is getting messier, not better, and it’s straying from your original vision.

You need a solid revision strategy.

I can steer your focus to the things that matter

"I was left with a clear roadmap for future improvements as well as kind comments about areas that were stronger."

After having a manuscript evaluation...

You spend time fixing what's weighing your story down, not on what's already working

Firing up the file fills you with excitement rather than exhaustion

You can submit a stronger story to your developmental editor, leading to a more in-depth edit

Click below to tackle your story's biggest issues head on.

How it works

Think of an ultra-focused version of the report you get with a full developmental edit. After a partial read-through of your manuscript, I’ll provide a report which answers questions like:

Cost starts from £90

Dramatically improving your manuscript doesn’t need to require a huge overhaul. Enter the Pareto prinicple: 20% of the problems causes 80% of the consequences. Fixing the 20% that’s causing the 80% of the mess will yield huge results.

An evaluation will stick a large flashing crosshair on that 20% so you can shape up your story without fumbling in the dark

"Throughout the entire process, he was extremely open in his communication."
"He was super understanding and saw past the messiness of a first draft to what my book could be."

Want to get your revision strategy sorted?

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