Grip your readers with distraction-free writing and compelling storytelling

Developmental editing and proofreading for fantasy, sci-fi, and horror authors.

Have you...

  • exhausted all your efforts and applied several rounds’ worth of feedback, but your story just doesn’t feel right?
  • had your book go through the editorial wringer – by yourself and a professional – and you just need those final errors gone for good?
  • been there, done that – your book is primed and ready for publication, but you need to capture the attention of literary agents?

Do you need someone who...

  • doesn’t give a crap about their own preferences and is attuned to your creative style and vision?
  • will champion your work and be nearly as excited about your story’s success as you are?
  • recognises your story is dear to you – something you’ve poured your soul into?

Let me help!

Hey there! I’m Matt Webster-Moore, a developmental editor and proofreader who turns SFF and horror books from rough draft to publication ready.

As your developmental editor, I uncover the story you want to tell and shape it, honing its strengths and shedding its weaknesses. As your proofreader, I ensure your reader’s immersion doesn’t get derailed because of typos, misspellings, and other errors.

"He is meticulous in his proofreading, and a genuine pleasure to work with."
"I'm blown away by his suggestions and ability to align my vision with the content of the query."


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Had your book edited and need those creases ironed out? Give your story that final quality check it deserves and banish lingering errors.

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Developmental editing

Not satisfied with some elements of your story? Turn it into an immersive narrative with compelling characters and conflicts to keep your reader coming back for more.

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Manuscript evaluation

Finished your first draft and stuck on where to go from here? Illuminate your story's most pressing concerns to guide your revision strategy.

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Submission materials review

Are you ready to submit your novel to literary agents? Craft an intriguing submission package that will make them pay attention.

Want to wow your proofreader with actual prep that goes beyond simple spellchecking?

Instead of being unsure how to prepare your book, start doing tasks proofreaders do at the start of every job. Checking off boxes from a proofreader's to-do list saves them time and saves you money. Sign up to my newsletter to grab your pre-proofreading prep guide.

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